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Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Most of us have heard of hypnotherapy as a form of treatment for all sorts of issues but classic hypnotherapy is very much a one size fits all type of therapy. Where my approach differs is I view each person’s issue as unique because its cause and the way it is experienced is always unique to each individual. Rather than treating the symptoms of a problem, I work with my clients, using various techniques, to find the root cause of their issues. This tends to be much more satisfying and creates more longterm solutions.


A lot of the techniques I use come from neurolinguistic programming. NLP works on the basis that we all take in information through our 5 senses but some of us prefer one sense over another, hence some people are more visual, or more auditory for example, this adds to our individuality. By identifying each person’s individual way of processing therapy can be tailored to fit with their model of the world.

Life Coaching

Sometimes clients will work through their issues, have a goal in mind but remain hesitant on moving forward. Others feel stuck and don’t know what to do next. Life coaching is a fantastic way of helping people create an achievable goal in their mind and gives them the tools to form a structured way of achieving those goals.

Sports Mind Coaching

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I am recognized by the National Council of Hypnotherapy and abide by their code of conduct and am insured under their guidance.


This type of therapy tends to be quite short term so some can have as few as three sessions whereas others may need more. The history take takes place in the first session so the session is normally between 60-90 minutes long. All subsequent sessions last 60 minutes.

What do I treat?

The point of cognitive hypnotherapy is it is very flexible and can be moulded to help so many different issues so contact me and I am happy to discuss how I can help you.

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