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“I am a keen beginner golfer & 1 year ago I joined a club. In March 2011 my usual ’round’ was over 100 shots with a handicap of 34. I took lessons & practiced two to three times per week. I could not get under 100 shots. I was stuck & improving seemed to be an impossible mission!

This all changed a month ago. The day after my one & only session with Suzette, with the aim to improve my game, I scored 90 shots! Was this just ‘luck’? No… One month later, my overall handicap has gone down by 9 points, I am currently playing off 25 and there is definetely ‘more to come’.

My whole experience with Suzette was over & above anything I could have & did hope for & I thank her enormously.”

Priscille Lapoutge
Maitre d’armes
England Fencing Coach Educator & Coach Assessor

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