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Dear parent/adult this page is designed for the children coming to see me to explain to them what to expect.

Working With Children

Hi there!

So there is obviously something bothering you and you are coming to see me and you don’t know what to expect.

Well first let me explain to you a bit about how our problems become problems.

What makes a problem a problem? Your brain controls your body. The way you move, think…..everything!

Now imagine your brain is in 2 parts: the conscious and the unconscious. It’s a bit like a computer and its mouse.

Your conscious mind is like the mouse. It chooses how to move and what to click on. Your unconscious is like google. It does lots of work in the background looking for websites and then only shows you the sites which it thinks will be useful to you.

So when you see a sandwich your unconscious mind, without you realising it, goes into your memory, finds the first time you learnt what a sandwich was and reminds you that sandwiches are for eating. You can then decide if you want to eat it or not. Now this all happens faster than you can imagine so you dont even know it’s happening.

If you decide to eat the sandwich again, your unconscious mind starts googling your memories to remind you to open your mouth bite, chew…. And you can eat without thinking about it because your unconscious has done all the work for you.

Now what if someone had a bad experience with a sandwich? Their mouse could click to look at it and then their google would choose the program telling them to run away screaming from it so that they stay safe. You see the role of the unconscious is to keep us safe.

Now people around may not understand why this person screams every time they see a sandwich but their unconscious google does and my job is to help teach it not to behave like that as it isn’t very helpful.

Obviously I don’t only help people who are scared of sandwiches but….you get the idea. Your problem may be caused by your unconscious mind and it may be hidden there causing you to do or behave in ways which you dont want. My job is to help you to find the reason for your problem and teach your unconscious to behave differently.

So what will we do in a session?

Well I may ask you lots of questions and then I may ask you to do all sorts of things.

I may ask you to close your eyes and use your imagination.

I may ask you to imagine a line and float above it...


I may ask you to imagine yourself at the cinema watching your problem on the screen...


I may ask you to draw a picture.

I may ask you to Imagine things in black and White and then colour...


I may ask you to hold your hands out and imagine holding something in each one...


There are lots of things we may do together and it can be quite fun but I will never ask you to anything you don’t want to do.

Can mummy/daddy/or another adult be in the room with me?

Of course they can. It is up to you and them.

Dont be shy to ask questions.

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