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About Me

Ah, the about me page. Where do I begin!

I know it is customary to fill this page with lots of facts and figures, places I’ve lived in, my academic accomplishments even how many kids I have and if you are really interested, feel free to send me an email and I will happily send you all that info but do those facts really define me? Not really.

They have helped form me into the person I am but what makes me the therapist I am today is the love I have for what I do. I have always had an interest in people and relationships, not just interpersonal relationships but the relationships people have with themselves and how that can affect their behaviour.

This interest obviously opens doors to so many different avenues of therapy and training, however, it took me a while to find the right approach for me. I spent time reading books and researching various therapies, conventional and alternative.

It was this search which helped me discover The Quest Institute and allowed me to train with Trevor Silvester the pioneer of cognitive hypnotherapy, which integrates all that is good from so many other forms of therapy, from NLP, to transactional analysis to positive psychology.

More importantly Quest embraces and encourages creativity. I have found many therapies fairly constricting and constraining, and are only effective if clients fit in with that particular model of therapy, rather than the other way around. Cognitive hypnotherapy allows me to mould my treatment around my client’s needs.

So let’s go back to “about me.” I am a person with a keen interest in people and behaviour and I look forward to working alongside clients who need help finding the root cause of their problems and negative behaviours in and honouring as creative a manner as possible.

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